this web site has evolved quite a bit over the nearly four years that it has been out here. but then again, i have too.

not too many people stop by. but that's okay, because if they did, i would have to pay my web host more money.

of those that do drop in i see folks from all over the world, just because it used to be under the name 'noncitizen', and i guess they were looking for immigration tips.

i still have grand plans to elaborate the influences in my life, and go through all of my photos and add those i deem worthy, or at least of moderate interest.

i'm still writing a lot of poetry and from time to time some of it might find it's way to this place.

other than that, i wouldn't expect too much.

but just in case you feel the need to visit often, i'll make it easy to find out what's been added since the last time you visited

that's it for now. god grant you peace.