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welcome back.

this is now the 'home' page. it (obviously) also serves as the 'wutznu' page.

general new stuff:

29 october, 2002 - alison is 7! oh, and i was forced to get a new hit counter from GoStats.com because the old one began producing porn related pop-up ads... (so far, i like this new one much better!)
August, 2002 - all the moving is over, iamix.net is now home.
19 october, 2001 - the origins page now includes archives of this site.

recently added poetry:

27 november, 2002 - an ev'ning at the airport
5 november, 2002 - dave
1 november, 2002 - over
21 october, 2002 - nervous
23 september, 2002 - untitled
12 august, 2002 - No hiding.

questions? let me know.

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