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the origins of this time and space

this spot on the web belongs to me, ix. who am i? hmmmm... i have no reservation in letting you know, but it would take a long time, and most folks seem to be in too much of a hurry these days to stop and discover. see, at the length of the text on this page, you've already moved on, haven't you...

but i will not endeavour to go into great lengths about who i am or why i feel the need to have this space on the web. truly, poets are a lonely lot in their own day. but one day maybe your grandchildren will be reading my poetry in their literature books and some half-witted english teacher will be attaching all sorts of grand meaning that is simply not there.

this site first started out in january 1998 as a place where i could show my casual interest in many things and my expertise in nothing. i had many links to many sites, mostly from this or that person who was obsessive about this or that thing and had devoted a web site to it. at that point, the poetry and photography pages were somewhat in the periphery.

yet over the years and the many evolutions through which this site has gone, and as i have at last endured some life shaking events myself, i have made the primary focus of the site the poetry, and to a lesser degree, the photography. i know i keep promising, but truly, i do hope to beef up the content on the photography pages. the only things holding me back are time and money, so... what's my excuse?!

originally debuting as "noncitizen's pointless poop page", this site has undergone many facelifts. all of them have been as i have discovered some new tag in html code or some new graphic method. below you can take a look at how this site has changed over the years.

just in case you might be wondering about the origins of "noncitizen", i will simply say that it comes from my days on AOL in the early 90's as i struggled to invent a screen name that was truly my own and described me and my world view. i had always felt like a fish out of water on this planet, and so keying off of a favourite passage in the bible, i coined "noncitizen". here is my paraphrase...

...this is something i have told you before, and will now tell you again with tears in my eyes; so many of the people you are around every day live their lives in hatred and contempt for what is right -- the road they walk can lead only to their destruction, they are consumed by their appetite for material things, they find no shame in the way they seek only their own fulfillment, in fact they gloat over their possessions and their selfish accomplishments -- but you do not live your life this way, because you understand that you are not a citizen of this physical world...

how i feel about all that has changed (and continues to change) significantly - but i won't go into it here, because i want this to be about the site, not about me. i will add though, again for those who may be interested, that "ix" is simply my first and last initial in greek. i first used this as the title of a poem i wrote a few years ago.

so then, i truly hope you enjoy the poetry. if you have any questions or comments about any of it, or about anything at all, i would love to hear it. so... drop my a line, if you feel so inclined.


the archives

those who forget the past are doomed to eat meatloaf

below are links which will allow you to see how this site has changed over the years. i have updated and made relevant as many links as possible. however, those links that were no longer valid i have left to look like links, for the sake of accuracy.

the original - launched in january 1998.

a new face - launched in september 1998.

redesign - launched in february 1999.

redesign new face - launched may 1999. shortly after, the site was moved to its own domain, noncitizen.net

major overhaul - launched in january 2001.

dry run - new look in preparation to launch at ixspot.net. this version was only out there about a week in mid-september 2001.

iamix.net - launched in september 2001. my green period, and a change to the final home of iamix.net.