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a window to the soul

it was somewhere between 18 and 19 that i first expressed my interest in photography to a friend who had made it one of his regular hobbies. he lent me a minolta x-370 and a wide-angle lens, and over the weeks that followed i found a lot of joy in expressing myself and my interpretations of the world around me through photography. a few years later i was given one of my own as a christmas present.

for the next few years after that i went through many rolls of film. i never made much of an attempt to really try to figure out what i was doing (like most things in life). even so, many who have seen my work have said i have a good eye. regardless, i have posted a small sample of my earnest try to be artistic with a camera.

please take note that these were scanned with a very low-end scanner. i hope to soon re-scan them (and add some new stuff) now that i have a better scanner at home. the links (below) are in semi-chronological order. i used to have thumbnails, but decided it messed with the visual asthetics of the site redesign. therefore, if you haven't seen them yet, they will all be a surprise. there is also a brief narrative about each photo.

: spring arrives : backyard sunset : vertical shadows : hardwood veins : three crosses : mi jardin : rainy day flowers : blooming cactus : sleep silent child : kentucky morning : hair : ¡tequila! : alison ponders : elise, my love :