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12 Moons

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It is clear to me
that I couldn't possibly
love any one else
as much as I love you...

Still, every day that passes
I prove myself a liar,
As with each new sunrise
I see your face,
And every night
we share the same time and space,
And everything you do
as we dance through this life
gives me such overwhelming pleasure
as I am so blessed to know you as wife,
But more than that,
among friends the foremost friend,
and the one person with whom I share
all things, beginning to end,
The only one to whom I trust
my heart, my soul, my dreams, my all,
The only one for whom I hunger,
Words will always fail, always look too small...

And so this is why I lie
when I say I love so much I could love no more,
for with every passing day
I do, so much so, than the one before,
So much so, that I must expand,
my heart must grow
well beyond the confines of my meager frame,
As it seems to me that no one man
could contain so much love,
Ever increasing, ever moving,
ever deepening, without boundary or constraint,
all for you, the singularity,
who holds me in the gravity of her love
and all that she is
for ever and always...

© 2004 (10 february) john r. chase

what a wonder i have found...