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A courpulet

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There is a side of everyone that's all too rarely seen
but when it does appear to us
we wonder where it's been.
for some it's good, others bad, yet others just surprise
sometimes it draws us closer
and others exposes lies.
the ivory towers of what we perceive, too often, as being true
come crashing down quite often when
this other face shines through.
it doesn't matter how much we think we've covered up that side
we find it being shown to those
to whom we'd rather hide
for in the end the truth will shine more brilliant than our sun
a story shall be told which reeks
of all the wrongs we've done.

© 1986 john r. chase

i wrote this after i made some careless comments about a close friend to another mutual friend trying to get to the bottom of a rumor i had heard. of course he found out and we had a confrontation that showed me how relationally immature i really was. lesson learned? if you want to know something about someone, ask them! (what is a "courpulet" you ask? it is a made-up name for a type of poetry, like a sonet, etc.)