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(tired of the rhetoric
nothing left to say
reduced to fatigue and rage
but now even that is gone)

When will I see you next?
I saw you last night -
it had been a while,
it had been too long!
I had forgotten how beautiful you are,
how much your purity awakens my soul,
and how just the sight of you lifts my spirits.
Don't ask me why, I don't have an answer.

(empty, truly, empty
nothing left to give
not able to receive
where once rivers flowed
where once were vast stores of emotion)

Somehow, I knew I would see you.
I didn't anticipate it, or hope,
I just knew.
One day soon, the distance will end.
Then I can take some time,
and discover who you are inside,
if you'd like to.
I would.

(the last of the tidal waves has fallen
washing away all the debris
everything that once stood
has been swept away
even the echoes have gone away
the storm is passing)

In your face I see hope.

(...time passing...)

In your voice is a promise,
that life won't end,
but it will start again.
I prayed that I would see you again.
The timing was no coincidence,
you know that, don't you?
I don't understand it,
I can't explain why,
but in you a see a new path,
a road never traveled,
an option never available before.
How can I say all this?
We haven't even exchanged a hundred words.
Soon, very soon,
you and I will start this journey together.
You already said, yes.
So now it's only a matter of time.

Father in heaven above,
I pray that you keep my desire for perfection
from ruining your plans for me to find happiness.

© 2001 (13 july & 3 august) john r. chase

see the comments at three eleven. . .