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a slice of pie

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not knowing
if anything would come of it
he started typing
for many, many things
were swimming circles
in his head
this blasted change
in the time
and everyone having a hard time
getting to sleep
and getting up
and noticing an increase
in the levels of stress
and a decrease
in the length of his fuse
and feeling guilty,
feeling horrible
for again
stepping on little toes,
and bruising little hearts
feeling caught in a trap
getting so blinded by sin
that he couldn't see the grace
that enveloped him
so on this balmy spring day
as the puffy clouds that proceed the rains
danced through the sky
outside his window four from the ground
he thought of emerald isle
and her, and her children
and was in an instant
sucked into a day dream
lost in the images
of being with her
of all of them being together
at the beach
it was so close he could taste it
one day, one day...
so then, longing for something more real
something more certain,
his thoughts turned to that weekend
only seven away
when they would all be together

okay, stop, i'm crying again...

© 2002 (9 april) john r. chase

i need a faster keyboard...