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black flowers

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black flowers they grow
in the field of my heart
planted there by the woes
i've endured from the start

they're stems are all thorny
though not easy to see
and if e'er i forget them
they'll be sure to prick me

other flowers have grown
of every colour, sort and size
and they make it hard to see
the black flowers, i realise

so i take a breath and ask
who has planted all these things
who as made me what i am
who is pulling on my strings

for if flowers then must grow
darker than a moonless night
sharper than a razor's edge
giving to my soul a fright

can i not rid the garden
of the blackness and the stain
and this quiet, soulish anguish,
must i always feel this pain

still at times all the colours,
all the fragrances of those
other flowers lift my spirit
to the sky, and snuff my woes

then i see he who as made me
who has sought me by my name
has too allowed all things to grow
in my heart's garden, all the same

but even then a chilling wind
carries more black flower seed
and begins to choke the beauty
like a vicious, lying weed

all the anguish then returns
tears again rain down my face
and collect here in the garden
and become the scent of grace

through dark clouds then peeks the light
and begins to warm the air
and bright colours bloom around me
once again with beauty rare

so perhaps it's not so much the things
endured here in my sight
but it's where i keep my focus
on the dark or on the light

© 2001 (7 may) john r. chase

i witnessed a wonderful demonstration with a flower arrangment about the 'black flowers' in our lives. it was very deep, and held a lot more than this meager poem. but it impressed me enough that i had to capture it in my own way. also, if you're wondering why i departed from my normal free verse and used an ABCB metre... (if you're not then why are you still reading this?!) well, honestly, i just wanted to see if i could still do it that way... and i guess i can.