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A captive loss

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At times we can be inspired, even
  spurred on when the creative ghost
makes an appearance on our dimly lit stage
  and we feel and sense the words
   bubbling and running into each other,
  colliding with the force of a mind too
   passionate with a lost and once
  very present circle of imagination . . .

And that is (the laws of life)
the mundane washes in like high tide
and Reality seems more of a dream
than do our dreams.
But we do not seem to mind, even
cling to the loss of what is very Real
and act as if this would bring back
what we'd lost.
Our mind turns inward to help
the passage of time, then we blink
and return to what was lost . . .

Strange that I should end up here,
seems as tho' I'd tried too hard.
Even when I focus there
my eyes will cross, my mind will sleep . . .

© 1991 john r. chase

it was in this period of my life that i truly saw my course in life moving farther away from my dreams and passions, and settling into average americana. i've learned a lot since then, such as what it truly means to walk by faith and not by sight. In reflection, the words "Reality seems more of a dream than do our dreams" shows that spirit that has always been in me that so strongly identifies with The Matrix.