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i had a bad commute

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it smells like an airport in here
like panty-hose
and cheap suits saturated with cheap cologne
and bad coffee and toothpaste
and mangled newspapers
and road warriors full of expensive steak dinners
and i remember all those mornings
that i spent sitting, waiting
waiting as i again marveled
at how all it took for a stampede to form
was for the agent to pick up the intercom
and say "good morning..."
and how all the odors
and all the self-centered, self-important
drove me to the brink of a glorious heave
but luckily that never happened
and i never lost my temper
at the man with all the mousse in his hair
and rings on his fingers
who jumped in front of me in line
even though all the seats were assigned
but he had not checked his enormous suit-bag
so he was hoping to gobble up
as much overhead storage as he could
and will without a doubt pitch a fit when someone
with a small bag tries to move
his delicately lain suit jacket out of the way
no i didn’t lose my temper
and in a super-human feat of strength
reach in his mouth and rip out his spinal column
leaving his bratty children fatherless
his whores alone in their beds
making the world a better place to live

© 2000 (14 september) john r. chase

well, i did...