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A confession

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He is the best of workers.
It will be done before
you can assign it.
He is not apathetic.
He will always care more
than his work is fit.
As innovative as each sunrise
He has new proposals
almost every day.
Not afraid to ask you questions
He makes no supposals
you get your way.
the fittest of works, that is he,
always there, ever caring, please hear me.
tho' of him there's one slight I should warn
If he hears true music, from his work he'll be torn.
there's no way to cure him once the bug is bitten
there's no way to shake it once he has been smitten.
So, you may not ever find anyone better
but don't hire him
you cannot win
for he loves true music almost more than his life
He is me.

© 1988 john r. chase

written after watching a musical tribute to Gershwin where Sting sang one of his (Gershwin's) songs (i believe "Someone to Watch Over Me") accompanied by a tuxedo and converse wearing pianist. i was swooning for days. i again felt the sleeping genius begin to wake up a little. one of these days i'll gain enough nerve to throw a bucket of cold water on his head.