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last night
this morning
i woke up cold
my mind racing

but as always
i drifted off again
then dreamt of you

you came to me
to my very door
in a house i've never seen
yet nonetheless mine
having many weird angles
and all my belongings

i was pleased to see you
and you had many questions
why this loss
four times now
my soul was darkened

i knew right away
that we share an affliction
the winds of criticism
carved out a hidden shame
which lead to anger
and frustration

but i didn't get far
as someone else came
knocked at the door
she brought dinner
as i was alone

silly me
i thought she wanted to talk

funny, this whole thing
i haven't thought about you
in a long, long time...

© 2002 (5 november) john r. chase

it all seemed so real, i'd like to go back for just a little while...