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the deep room

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i turned, and there you were
you spoke but few words
but even so, i knew it was safe
and although i was a mess
of wounded, bleeding flesh
i saw you not as a healer
for only one can truly heal
but as a place of safety
where i could let out all my breath

and then you kissed me
it had been so long
and there was such release
for i had kept myself in
protected my heart
bottled up my passion
for so long

then later
she was standing close at hand
and i stood three fingers from your face
and sang you a song (re-arrange)
with again all the passion
that burns within
and i saw your heart melt like wax
and mingle with mine

but then that shrill throbbing
brought it all to an end
stole you away from me
for now

yet even as i slipped
back through the fabric
of the here and now
i heard a spirit voice saying
it will happen
have faith...

...when it happens
if she DARE compare
her pitiful, stunted, soulless,
faithless, shallow, empty,
perverted, vain, treacherous,
spiteful, hateful, selfish,
horrific, misguided, blind,
sordid, uncourageous,
dispassionate attempt to it
stand back, and watch for lightning

© 2001 (19 april) john r. chase

why are there so many people without faith? because faith (real faith) makes everybody scared. it even scares me. but the deeper i go into this black tunnel, the more i realise there's no other way. i know you're out there, somewhere. and this time, i'll do it his way, not mine. all my thanks to the one who always offers a second chance to the humble.