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ile d'espoira

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Why am I drawn to Islands?
I discover them
from time to time
and read and research
dream and wonder.

Why this fascination?
It really is no mystery.
Whether real or imagined,
mundane or romantic,
there is something there
woven by God into our fabric
at the core of our humanity
which has been lost . . .

the need for simplicity,
to have what we do
connected at the barest level
to our survival,

the need to have just enough
and no more
to number one's possessions
as no greater than
your fingers and toes

the need for community,
to celebrate as one
mourn as one
build, live, die as one
to experience all for one
not every man for himself

the need to be at the helm
of our destiny
not power-crazed politicians
or mindless bureaucrats
or greedy corporations
or spineless and confused hollywood

Why am I drawn to Islands?
It seems that what we have
is so inexorably broken
my only choice
is to spurn it all
and begin again
and hope that this time
it will stay on course.

© 2007 (13 August) john r. chase

...nothing further is required...