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drowsy hyper-introspection

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drift in
drift out
myriad images
the mundane
the absurd
the embarrassing
from last night's psyche-dump
that awaken questions
questions long thought asleep

this chair
cradles my buttocks
fully one-third
of my waking life
my eyes flicker
twinkle, glimmer
just enough
for all these
virtual dots
to make sense

even so
i'm unable to find
the frequency
of my heart
for all these
real dots
to shake together
and make sense

there must be an equation
with about a million variables
into which i plug
myriad images
the mundane
the absurd
the embarrassing
then push the button
press enter
and it all adds up...

even i
can pretend
to have an answer
or two
even i
can pretend
that most of the time
things aren't blurry
pieces snap tight
pages aren't ripped
the ground isn't shaking
i'm not made of paper-thin glass

i think i must have had a lucid thought at least once in my life
but i honestly can't remember

what am i waiting for
what am i waiting for
for what am i waiting

870-some characters
that profit no one
not even me

© 2006 (9 january) john r. chase

man found drown in own blather at low tide...