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this is one of those nights
i kiss your sleeping cheek
as the credits roll
i'd like to crawl in these covers
and sleep, sleep
and not wake up
not have anything else
just knowing i love you
and that the house is warm
and the children are only a pace away
cradled in the arms of sleep

all is not well
but all is quiet
so let's just call it done
just call it over
why go on

i've now loved more than i ever thought i would
and i've hurt so deep inside
that my bones are empty

the story isn't over
but who cares how it ends
this is as good a place as any
to put the book down
stop reading
just call it even
turn out the lights
and dream an eternal dream
i'm so very, very tired
i can't stay awake any longer

© 2004 (29 october) john r. chase

"all i want is for you to be happy..." what a lie...