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Here we are
   on the eve of our desires
Together here
   on the edge of hope
But peering over the ledge
   are our hearts gripped with fear
Do we find our resolve failing
   and our proud words transformed to a whisper
For I have been careful not to boast
   mindful not to reveal too much too soon
It would seem my faith stemmed from joy
   and now joyless I have been made faithless
Looking back from the heights
   and gazing at the land we've traversed
My head spins at the distance traveled
   when running blindly
      it's easy to lose count of the miles

But still our gaze seems fixed
   ever forward, always waiting
      waiting for the bridge to be built
    that will allow us to cross to the other side
So we sit on the ground, alone
   and draw pictures in the dirt
And as the pictures change
   we force ourselves to question
The waters once so clear
   where we quenched our thirst for life
Have now been muddied
   their taste made bitter
Where once the day gave light
   and our standing seemed sure
Now twilight is upon us
   and the forms and shapes blend into one
And cause us to question all that we had seen
   and all that we had understood

Even still
   with our motion halted
We can't escape the sense
   of the imminent
For if we take notice
   we may find that though motionless
   we are racing along with the current
      here on the edge of hope

© 1998 (27 july) john r. chase

this poem to me is truly amazing. the spring of 1998 found many of my hopes and dreams, and all that i thought i was suddenly coming to a crashing halt. there were a few things that i still clung to and had hope for, one of which was the birth of my fourth child. i wrote this 27 july, and 28 july jonathan was born. truly amazing!