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Here's the first

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I'm making a bouquet for you...
 Each flower, each piece,
  discovered along the road,
    gathered with joy,
    arranged with care,
    hidden in love.
I know you long to have it,
 long to see it, to hold it,
    to take in the fragrance,
  and the colour.

But I've been waiting,
  until the fullness of time.
I've been interrogating my heart
   under a bright light,
    compelling it to tell me the truth,
    searching it for any hint of deception.
I've been trying to conjure up
  the images and emotions
   of all the failures of the past
    to see if there might be
    any resemblance to the present.

I will begin to pull
  one flower,
    then another,
    then another,
  and give them to you.
Not to tease you,
 but as a promise,
   that your long-suffering
   will be rewarded beyond your imagination.

Here's the first...

© 2003 (11 april) john r. chase

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