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In the dim light of morning

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In the dim light of morning
    I kneel
  Shadows contour the peaceful landscape
      As slumber nears its destination

I suspend desire
    To roam the hills
  And run through the long grass
      Lest my caress rouse a startled tremor

Rather, I allow my mind to wander
    Through valleys and hills
  Over rocks and by still waters
      Passed, present, and yet unborn

My heart swells in gratitude
    Humility at the lavishness
  The mystery of my surroundings
      The variation of temperaments and life

All these I lift to heaven
    In words, in thoughts
  In overwhelming wonder
      At the riches in my hands

But I settle again
    To the day that lies ahead
  Activities and destinations
      Known and unanticipated

I pray that she will be blessed
    That angels will protect and defend
  And the light dwelling within her
      Will shine brightly through the dark

As my mind once more embraces the silence
    I gaze again at the artistry
  And with one final breath
      Before I rise to the battle

From the deepest place in my heart
    Thanksgiving erupts
  For the Master has taken a jewel of great worth
      And entrusted her to my hands, my heart

As I say goodbye to those sleepy hills
    To walk once more apart from my love
  My continual prayer is to care for this gem
      With tenderness, grace, and purity of love
        As I watch her sparkle
          With increasing brilliance

© 2013 (23 july) john r. chase

...the best 10 years of my life...