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It's more than a phrase,
more than cliché.
As I met you,
and we began to discover each other,
although I was guarded,
deep inside,
I found my self saying,
you're just too good to be true.

As time went by,
and I remembered the failures
and pain of the past,
both distant and recent,
I fought with myself,
wrestled with my mind
and my emotions
looking for my heart to tell me the truth.
And when it answered,
it said,
you know that
you can't help falling in love.

So I began to let more
and more of my heart
out on a string,
ready to pull it back
at the first sign of attack
or rejection.
Yet as we got to know each other
more and more,
it became clear to me
that I was safe,
that I wanted to be with you
for all my life.
The little things drew me in,
because baby, I love your way.

So there we were,
sitting at that restaurant,
and all that time,
I was about to burst
with what I had to say.
So as I was hanging by a moment,
I asked you to be my wife,
to spend the rest of your days with me.

For I had already thought
about that day,
about our lives together,
and dreamed of hearing you say
that you would always stand here with me.

When you gave me your answer,
my heart was filled with joy.
That moment defies description.
I can think of nothing else to call it but stellar,
for that is what you are to me,
far beyond anything
I ever thought could be had in this life.

And now that we look forward to that day,
and more and more
fill in the picture
in our minds
of what it will be like,
I find that when you're gone,
I miss you more than words can describe.

And although it fills me
with sadness
to be apart from you,
I have no doubt about our future,
because I know that
nothing can come between us.

That day will come very soon,
when you and I stand
before all our friends and family,
and confess our covenant to each other.
Then, as we stand there
in the joy of the moment,
we will at last embrace
in a kiss of life.

And that will only be the beginning,
the start of our journey.
And as the days turn in to months,
and the months turn in to years,
I know that you will always
bring me back a song,
a love song
and I will always be right there,
singing with you.

© 2003 (4 june) john r. chase

soon, all will be known...