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i pulled a thread

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emotions are a mystery
self-awareness a curse
sanity leaves me with no excuse
nor do history's bruises

for so long
we had lived in darkness
i am to blame as well
i was afraid to fight
for what i thought was right

but the sun has begun to shine
i've taken the bull by the horns
it's become my daily exercise
sometimes i win

freedom is coming
the answer to prayer
it's just around the corner

no one can say
what tomorrow holds
stories about death
or abduction
or injury
life can change in an instant

but i want to know how this all turns out
for the first time in my life
i have invested
heart and soul
blood, sweat and tears
and i want to see it through
won't be robbed
of seeing the other side

mysterious as they are
emotions do not control me
but they are unavoidable
a hot sting in my nose
a cough to re-synchronize my heart
continually face-to-face
my daily shortcomings
and the battlefield i've traversed

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Lindsay said she dreams of a lion
She said it frightens her
I told her to ask its name
The right answer will show
There is nothing to fear

© 2010 (23 march) john r. chase

...Tammy, what happened to your stockings? I saw a thread, and I pulled it...