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he's learning. . .
   (it comes with practise
 and cognisance)

he's finally learning
 to identify the voices

        the voices
    that whisper
     and bellow
      all those obssesive things
        the voices
    that once so effortlessly
     directed his responses
      and spawned his reactions
        the voices
    that must now work harder
     to have the same effect
      made so easily before

like a king losing popularity
    whose rule is doomed
 their reign will shortly be over

and the more he learns
      to ignore them
 the closer he gets
   to who i am

   (i don't think you understand,
 go back and read that again)

© 2001 (27 september) john r. chase

i know you think you know what i mean, but you don't. i know you think you can identify, but you can't. and it feels good to say that.