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let me tell you

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let me tell you...

the intricacies of her soul (who she is)
are fascinating to me,
the facets of her beauty stunning,
the depth of her character
like the roots of a great tree,
or like a mountain
whose foundations are twice its height,
the flavours she gives to me
are like a stew rich in spices
some unexpected, but all tantalising,
every word, every action
makes me hungry for more,
my desire to learn of her,
to breathe her in deeply,
to taste and touch all of her,
will never be quelled,
this fire that burns within,
is not the same as it once was,
but it changes,
and grows,
and moves from place to place,
giving light to all within,
guiding me through this dark night,
warming me through and through,
providing me a sense of comfort, of safety
like i truly
have never had,
no, have never had

© 2002 (28 march) john r. chase