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mine, for her

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it's like a fire
consuming everything in it's path
fearless in its advancement

like a child
in need of nurture
looking, longing for an answer

like an elderly woman
who needs help crossing the street
and buying her groceries
and then getting back home
and I change my plans
for the whole day
just for her

it's like an ant
that can carry twice its body weight
and gets the leaf knocked out of its mouth
but picks it up
and carries it again
and again

or like a day trader
risking it all
because the payoff is too big to ignore

it's a song
sung in a foreign language
that doesn't make much sense
but comes from the heart
and is beautiful
and captivating

and a pasture without fences
rolling endlessly
in every direction
without limits

or a treasure chest
burried in the sand
and worth all the effort
expense and mess
to uncover

it's like a far off land
dreamed about
and imagined
to be breath-taking
yet when visited
proves to be more majestic
more moving
than anything ever seen
and far greater than hoped

or a soft, constant, spring rain
that gently soaks everything
and brings life again
to the dead landscape

it's like a riddle
the answer to which
is so simple
yet still deep and mysterious

it's a painting
never seen before
yet somehow, very familiar
and inviting

it's like the seasons
a constant running rhythm
yet always changing

or like a room at night
though it's dark and nothing can be seen
everything's right where it was left

it's a warm meal
on a cold night
that brings comfort
strength and a smile

it's a waterfall
an unstoppable force
who would dare stand in it's way

it's the smell of fresh baked bread
that overpowers everthing else
draws in, and fills the mind
with warm thoughts and memories

it defies logic
and escapes explanation
it's irresitable
and undeniable
it's all these things
and so much more

so is my love for her

© 2001 (2 february) john r. chase

maybe i should hold all comments until after the press conference... sometimes, it seems that if we knew what the end result was going to be, we could put all our energies towards that end - but where's the fun in that?!