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My Valentine

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I let my mind wander
To all the places I've been
And all the places I'd like to go

The heart was meant to be shared
From the very first heart
God knew, it was meant to be shared
Even as his own heart of love
Was too great to not be shared

The heart longs for a safe place
A place where there are no games
Where there is no stage, no camera
No pretentious lines to memorize
No eggshells to avoid breaking

The heart longs to reach out
To find a home, warmth
Where there is no fear
No slap on the wrist
No betrayal of trust

My heart
Reaches out
For your heart
And because
From the day we met
My heart has been longing for yours

Our hearts have now been joined
Seven years . . .
A long time
But not very long at all

With every day that passes
I know there's more
More inside your heart
And my hunger grows

What keeps me
From sharing my whole heart with you
Is that there simply are not
Enough hours in the day
But over the years
As we spend more and more time together
I will give you more and more of my heart
As much as I can
Every chance I get

What keeps you
From sharing your whole heart with me?

Let's go deep
Or let's not go at all

© 2010 (14 february) john r. chase

...84 moons later, and my heart is as big as the moon...