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no songs

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no songs about how crummy life is and that being with you is an oasis
   because life is really good
no songs about how I can't live without you and feel empty when I'm not with you
   because I'm really happy and feel complete
no songs about how "our love surpasses all others" and is unlike anything ever
   because that's rhetoric and completely relative and without grounds

no, no songs at all

only me
declaring the truth again
that I have never met anyone like you
and that I don't want to spend my life alone
but want to spend my days
and my nights
with the best friend I've ever had
and with what little I know about you
I will have to confess
that I can't imagine ever meeting anyone
who I would rather be with
day and night
and that desire
constitutes a kind of love
I've never known
nor experienced

so even though life is really good
   you're still like an oasis to me
and even though I'm happier and more complete than I've ever been
   I still miss you terribly when we're apart
and even though it may sound trite, tired and corny
   what is happening truly surpasses anything I've ever known

© 2003 (27 march) john r. chase

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