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(about her...)
i'm removing myself
i'm out of the way
i'm silent
so don't delay
come quickly
i won't block you anymore

(about me...)
you're killing me
you're killing me
i'm dying
it's not a slow death
but i control the progress
so i'll stop resisting
stop fighting
kill me now
i'm tired of me living
and until i die
i can't go on

how many have known
how many have not laughed
but submitted
how many have been willing
to give up everything
even life
and the RIGHT to a good one
to follow you
how many have seen
how many have been blinded
too many have been lost
too many have believed the lies

i can't do it on my own
apart from you i can't do a thing
kill me
then live in me
the great paradox
the deep mystery
how many have seen
how many have known

empty me dry
then fill me with you
take all my breath
come breathe in you
burn the kindling of my desires
plant the forest of yours
break the shell
burst the membrane
let the fluid of you
fill every cavity in me

tear out my eyes
and lead me by my spirit
rip out my heart
its road goes to death
silence my soul
i'm weary of its moaning
it is a spoiled child
with a stiff neck
naked in the freezing rain
kill it swiftly
remove its carcass from the road
before the stench is overwhelming

i will hold still
i won't run away
because i do know who you are
even though the screeches of my soul
and of the fallen angels
and of those still deceived
are trying to garble the sound of your voice
or mask the truth
like light shinning through
a pane of glass painted black
so break the glass
help me to squint just right
'cause when i do
i see the real you
and nothing else matters

© 2001 (29 january) john r. chase

we in this country (america), and the western world in general, have so many layers of lies about what life is all about and why we're here between us and the truth that it's no wonder the wisest man who ever kicked up dust down here said - few are those who enter in...

there's nothing else to lose, there's nothing else to find
there's nothing in the world that could change my mind

lifehouse - hanging by a moment