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orbit 'round beautiful

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i wonder if she's okay
i'm always wondering

my mind
turning circles
inside itself

i need her words
i need her touch
i need her glance
i need reciprocity
coud it be
i need too much

i wonder about
her heart
her soul
is she malnourished
is it me
am i powerless

is she making mental notes
all the feelings
all the thoughts
but there's never time
moving so fast
doing so much
carrying such weight
not wanting to burden
or bother

another night
filled with bustling
widens the gap
that familiar blue glow
always turns words
to a murmur

when she's on
there's no time
when she's off
there's nothing to say

look at me
a satellite
that's lost its signal
always hoping
for the next perigee
once again
hear the echo

© 2005 (18 march) john r. chase

it takes two to tango, but only one to make the proposition...