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i don't get it
tell me, if you can
explain it, cypher
why did you do it
did the steak really taste that good
was your faith so weak
that the promise of true freedom
faded in the taste, aroma, feeling, sound and sight
of the cigar and brandy
you are a weak and pathetic creature
you have no courage
you are faithless
you were neither hot nor cold
now having been spit out
you're as cold as ice
you lied to me
lied about your secret
i thought i knew your secret
that you had discovered our true need
but it was all a deception
sound and fury
a lion squeaking in the dark
father of mine
tell me where have you gone
you've sown barren seeds
in a scorched, dry ground
and thorns are all you'll harvest
can someone be reinserted
we were always told no
that names couldn't be erased
but Sardis was warned
so maybe they can, and will, and have

every time i hear trinity say
"they're watching you..."
the pain will again be fresh

every time morpheus warns
"they're coming for you
and i don't know what they're going to do..."
the knife will go a little deeper
twist a little more

there's a difference between knowing the path
and walking the path

trinity had faith
morpheus had faith
cypher was faithless
his feelings ruled his pathetic heart

take the red pill
wake up, again, if it can be done
the blue pill went down smooth
but don't stay asleep
everlong is a lie
ignorance may be bliss
but it's no excuse

i know it seems that you're too far out
i know you think there's no going back
but you underestimate the power of true grace
remember what neo said to trinity's words
"no one has ever done anything like this..."
he said...
"that is why it's going to work"

stop playing games with food and drink and sex
open your eyes and see your true depravity
then buy gold refined in the fire
and white clothes
as long as there's a breath in your soul
it's not too late
for today is the day
and now is the time
not tomorrow
not the next second
but this second
prove them wrong
prove whose child you really are
by ending your refusal to do right
don't think about it
don't weigh the pros and cons
just do it
it will be the bravest
the wisest
the deepest
the most courageous
most wonderful
rightest thing
you have ever done

for Zion is a city
and if the war were over tomorrow
that's where the party would be
i'd like to see both of you there
if you can get past the lies
of the matrix
are you up to the challenge

© 2001 (3 march) john r. chase

do you know what the matrix is? it's like a splinter in my mind. if i listen to the lies enough, it numbs the pricking of what's truly real.

one of the things i learned in my own awakening was that a lot of my former anger came from the feeling of loss that my ideal, perfect little life wasn't happening. i have now realised what poppy-cock that all is. but fate, it would seem, is not without a certain sense of irony - what do you two think?