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Self Portrait

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The mind of a Greek . . .
   articulate, imaginative.
The attitude of a Roman . . .
   optimistic, obstinate.
The faith of a Jew.
   enduring, listening . . .
listening to what might be
   said, of some benefit
through the pages of history.
   for no matter how borish,
Hine-sight will always be
And once again I ask
   to be embraced
     with the will.
 Yes, painful in the past
   but most peaceful
     the leading.
 As if I had no doubt!
   for doubt is worse
   than dying itself.
  For if I doubt that dream
   it might as well already
          be dead.
But I will look, instead,
   into the mirror

© 1990 john r. chase
For the eyes lead
    to the soul
And the mouth leads
    to the heart
and helps to paint this
    self portrait
   on a canvas
    which I like to
      refer to as

the intent is clear. however, i'm not sure what led me to pen this.