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Some call me mad.

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Some call me mad
if i am i can not
render a sane argument
for or against
and if i am not,
i can argue sanely
but not for, so
therefore, i am not.
oh, the confusion
that now intrudes
my head.
I think i will
call myself mad
because it has
become quite normal
not the fact to
mention that i
have had my
emotions tossed by
every wave of the
tormented sea
and that is what
i am, tormented!
both night and day
if not to simply

© 1985 john r. chase
find escape in one!
despite the bias
of many, i wish
no to hurt many
but to enjoy one.
small chance for
that, however. So
i will no longer
play the game i
have been playing
i will tell you
the truth from
here on out
quite simply
for the reason
that you deserve

i wrote this poem just prior to meeting the girl i was three years later to marry. i had a reputation as a heart-breaker in high school. the truth was, right or wrong, i wasn't trying to break hearts, i was only looking to "find escape in one". the "you" at the end is that magical "one" for which i was looking... and new year's eve, 1985, thought i had found. youth is wasted on the young.