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when I stare at you long enough
you take on a reality that moves me
and I wonder where you've been
or maybe more precisely, where I've been

Yet I still haven't taken the time
to stare long enough
to emerge from the fluid of the surreal
to the dry, solid reality
I haven't driven myself
to burst the membrane between here and there

when I stare at just the right distance
and my eyes cross
I see far beyond this simple existence
angels dance on the head of a pin
and mountains and rivers sing of the glory of their maker
and the colour of this world seems a drab shade of grey
in comparison to the light shining out from eternity

Yet words fail me
and my eyes focus
and I slip back into the skin of the bubble
for the moment I expend an ounce of effort to stay there
I am at that moment violently flung back here
in between what most believe is real
and what I have learned is real
back here again on this island
isolated as I gaze into the starless sky
and wonder...

© 1998 (24 august) john r. chase

illiminate, my muddled heart. sweep the shadows from my mind...