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he didn't say, 'straight'

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Have you ever noticed...

Funny. I'll tell you
what I've noticed
is that people don't notice.

Right or wrong
the guiding tenet of my life
is above all else
don't restrict another's pace,
that is,
be considerate.

Not tolerant (sic)

I can't be alone,
I'm not arrogant enough
to believe I'm unique--
but experiential evidence
says otherwise

"Lord of all creation..."
i sing
"You have my heart..."
i sing;

but where is my heart?
it often, continuously,
in those rare moments when I reflect
feels lost.

my heart is on the train,
reading the same sentence
over and over,
whilst two latino women
are chewing the fat
in the seat behind
via shrill spanish,
and so i read that sentence
again, and again
and realise,
i can't even remember
what the article's about,
what magazine it is,
at what station i get off...

it's always been this way,
but i used to not concern myself,
i used to think...

in the world to come
it will all work out

but now i'm not so sure,
now i think this life
is some sort of midnight,
bleary-eyed, cacophonous
dress rehearsal
for the next
and if you don't work it out here
you won't there

we're all slaves to addiction
some are simply more subtle
yet no less insidious

something revolutionary,
you see the pieces connect,
the entire solution to the maze,
there is hope...

but then a day passes
and another
and focus is gone
your eyes cross
your mind goes blank
the profundity of it all
is like a dream, or,
like an amazing song
written in a dream,
yet with the sun
and return of the day
it is lost

energy, and will
are lacking

Narrow? Yes.
It's a walk in the park
minus p
plus d

© 2005 (7 april) john r. chase

if life wasn't such a struggle, it just wouldn't be worth it...