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Tell me again...

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Tell me again it wasn't true
Tell me again it was wrong
Tell me again I was deceived
And that my heart got the best of me

Tell me again I'm lost in a memory
Tell me once more I've been a fool
Let me hear these words again and again
And perhaps one day I'll believe them

Tell me I should rip my heart from my chest
Tell me I was drunk with emotion
Say to me that I was lead blindly to destruction
And that I should desire to be set aright

Let me hear the words of God and man
Let me have their thoughts run races in my head
Continue to badger me with the truth
Perhaps it will again take root in my heart

Never before have I known such a schism
Not ever has my heart rebelled with such vigor
Neither has all that I held been questioned
Or has my heart been weighed before the masses

Until this time I was unaware
I truly have not known the truth
That my heart was so far from my mind
And desired so greatly something forbidden

So tell me now I must have everything taken
Tell me again I should return to the beginning
Tell me I will find strength when that time comes
For now I am desolate and weak

Sing to me your words of comfort
Console me with songs of life
Give to me your words upon words
That I might drown and cease to live

Tell me again there is hope for a new day
Tell me once more I will forget the pain
Tell me once again that my step will be lively
And I'll run for the prize with perseverance

Tell me again I was wrong
Tell me again I deceived myself
Shout to my heart these words of life
Or I will forever be face down in despair

© 1998 (23 april) john r. chase

we've all been there to some degree. we make a wrong, foolish choice that completely destroys all our masks, and reveals to us and those closest to us the blackness inside. when in that place of deep, soulish pain, the last thing we want is to have someone, anyone tell us that we made a mistake and that things will get better and we'll get over it. yeah.