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The Bear

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Here is some advice, do follow it well!
I've witnessed myself this thing I will tell.

If safe you would keep, away from all harm,
Secure and defended and free from alarm,

One thing you must know, escape from the kill!
No effort it takes, but cunning and skill.

The bear comes around--this sign will be first
His hunger aroused, and hassled in thirst.

Adroit is the nose on this creature's face,
Your scent you can't mask, hide neither your place.

His notice will turn, intentions are clear!
His appetite rules, he's drawn by your fear.

As he approaches your fate will be sealed
Unless you will heed this knowledge I wield.

For bears only like a meal that's alive;
The chase and the hunt and quest to survive.

So drop to the ground, your face turned away,
And feign you are dead without a delay.

Stop him this won't, but give pause nonetheless
To his hunger, thirst, and curiousness.

He may still draw near, and push with his paw
And sniff to be sure you're no china doll.

He may linger, oh, a tortuous affair!
Yet don't lose resolve, don't wiggle a hair!

Departure will come, he'll wander off soon
Back into the woods, beneath the full moon.

And there will he sleep, still hungry and gaunt,
Grumpy and mumbling, returned to his haunt.

Victorious, you may celebrate this!
But quietly lest disturb you his bliss.

This weapon won't fail, so keep it close by
For he will return, his hunger won't die.

But confident, you lie motionless there.
His will has been tamed, you've conquered the bear!

© 2010 (27 september) john r. chase

...lions and tigers and bears, oh my...