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The Gift

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All I've thought about
from the moment
my blurry eyes
left sleep's veil
is being with you.

As I extended my hand
towards you
minutes prior
to walking away
my eyes were wet.

Only my inescapable
sense of duty
gave my legs motion
and sent me lonely
into the cold, dark morning.

To lend rapidity
to the day
I thought of telling you,
of giving a voice
to my heart
when again
are we together.

Yet I thought again,
days pass,
moments flee,
memories are like spring snow.

So better
it would be
if I were
to make a record,
to provide
lasting testament
to my unyielding passion
and unwavering desire
to be always with you.

And further
to make pictures
in your mind;
to tell you
that my thoughts,
my excitement
of returning to you
are no less than
the thoughts of a child
in the first days of school
following the new year
thinking about returning home
to a beloved gift
given at Christmas-time.

For although
there is no anniversary
no birthday
no monumental occasion or event
this night should be marked,
for it will be you and I and you
and little else
can so fill
my heart
with joy.

© 2006 (27 october) john r. chase

...it's true!