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The Open heart.

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the time passes by
the time since i've last seen you
it spans into unbelievable torture
it is almost like one half of me
has been torn away and forbidden
to return, but only once in a while.
That's not good enough, i need to
see you constantly, i need to
not insult, but to get to Know
you better than I Know
my own being. It's hard to
believe but for once in my life
i am tired of hurting half of
the world's population, someone
needs to make and executive decision
and i've made one, you!
you're all that's left now!
there is no one else, no one
at all who can feel my pain
and share it, and no one who
can be there to give me a portion
of their pain!
I need you now, my heart is
in the threat of being broken
only you can save it.

© 1986 john r. chase

the narrative for this poem used to be some psycho-babble about how i devalued myself and, oh, i don't know. the truth of the matter is... "it is not good for man to be alone"