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The reply, and waiting.

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I wrote her a letter
i planted the seed
now the truth will come out
oh, what is the need

This lonesome soul in a
ubiquitous pit
will be raised out in time
so why give a fit.

that photo i sent
i wish to return
and if it will not
a lesson to learn

my criminal life
in this Kangaroo world
the tide pulls along
and i fall like i should

but one day an answer
or one day the sky
should cover the sun
then for joy will i cry

© 1985 john r. chase

messiah college in south central pennsylvania is one of the venues where the christian rock band i used to be in would perform. on one such trip i met a girl named carrie from new england, and we spent much of one afternoon talking about all manner of things. my good friend matthew (the same friend who lent me his camera) was taking pictures of the event, and took one of carrie. he gave it to me, and i wrote her a letter telling her i enjoyed meeting her and talking to her very much, and enclosed the picture. she never wrote back.