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the sound my head makes

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he studied the sound
calculated and analysed
he determined
the differentiating factors
it began to make sense
but still
it couldn't be copied
because its progeneration
was not from anything mechanical
no mathematical formula
but instead from deep inside
from the pain of childhood
for they are still only children
and he'd had no pain
his pain was more recent
and it had already
been milked
and from the distance
created by the fall
and he's been closing that gap
since very young

but there was a time
there used to be something inside
there were moments
when it would gush
and it amazed even him
he'd even tried
to squeeze it again
through words like these
and it made him feel better

yet now his world has become
one of lines and numbers
and wires and clicks
and pointy headed masters
pretending to be doing
something meaningful
and speaking
in a political tongue
all whilst running
in a fury
for the edge of eternity

okay, I feel a little better now

© 1999 (23 june) john r. chase

aw, man, if i explain this one it will give the whole thing away. let me just say that i was challenged to do something never done before musically, and this came out of my struggle to do so. was i successful? yes, i was! and it was so great! but then cypher blew it!