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How can I thank you

What words could I possibly
conjur up
that would even
come close
to telling you how thankful
I am?

You have poured out
  your infinite love.
You have saved me from myself,
  kept me from walking the dark road.
You have set me on the good road,
  and spared me from certain disaster.
Even when I chased the darkness
  you stopped my flight.
Then you sent me back towards life,
  with a kiss and a stirring of my soul.
You set my feet on the right path,
  and told me to begin walking.
You kept me from destorying your plans,
  you and you alone have rescued me.
Tears fill my eyes when I think on it,
  I cannot restrain my weeping.
And seeing how close I came,
  how I twisted on the edge,
I beg you to continue to walk here with me,
  and guide me in your way.
You asked me once my desire,
  told me to not be afraid.
My answer was to be in your will,
  and to take only what you desire.
Yet you come to me again,
  now that we've walked through the first door,
and you ask me to tell you again,
  to let you know my heart's wish.
Fearlessly and with a single mind
  will I come to you with my response,
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes,
  as my eyes again fill with tears.
Can there be this much joy in this life,
  or isn't our time here slated for suffering?

© 2001 (8 august) john r. chase

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