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tomorrow will tell

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tomorrow will tell
if perhaps all the voices
will be silenced
at the sound of one

tomorrow will tell
if perhaps my passion
will find an expression
and my heart a home

tomorrow will tell
if perhaps i'm not crazy
to feel so strongly
when our words have been so few

tomorow will tell
if perhaps i am only obsessing
or if my soul is receiving
a stronger, silent signal

but it is not yet tomorrow
it is still today
and the more i dwell here
the slower the clock ticks

thank you, sir
for your grand words
that you sing for me
without knowing who i am

what will she think?
she will think me a fool,
too distrubed to be any good.
i've got to get
my mind
on something


it's just like
three eleven
her name
is the sweetest sound
these ears
have heard

i don't want what the others want
you'll find that out about me

no, i want to be deeply and madly
in love
with you
after day
after day

but i'm
stark raving
for even saying that
i don't even know you
or know much of anything about you

but all i do know
is that for whatever reason



for you

(to you) tomorrow we will meet

(to me) you're a basket case
you will always be this way
no growing out of this kind of passion

what you need
is to
who thinks it is more than flattery
more than a novelty
but who is the same
who wants to be just as consumed
as you do

tomorrow will tell

© 2001 (6 august) john r. chase

see the comments at three eleven. . .