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two columns

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there are two columns
two lanes of wisdom
of experience speaking

the first says --
to better your situation
to find a way out
to obtain release
you must search
and ask
and fight the fight
and not let go
until blessing is yours

the other says --
stand aside
sit, rest,
watch and be amazed
at your delivery,
you may bang at the door
shake and rattle the handle
scream and shout in a fit
but only when you step back
reposed in peace
no longer anxious
but careless for your own welfare
will you watch in awe
as the door swings open
seemingly under its own power

so here i stand
palms firmly placed
one on each column
and pushing
and blind
and uncertain
and always

© 2007 (9 january) john r. chase

...ah, the beauty of grey...