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Upon the flow'rs I gazed today

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Upon the flow'rs I gazed today
And soon was overcome.
Too many were there to survey
And so my heart was glum.

"You have no time," my head declared,
"To give each one its due."
And so despondent I despaired,
And sadly I withdrew.

For only I had entered then
The flower garden there,
My eyes beheld the stunning din,
My nose the fragrance rare.

Intended I had not to go,
Nor planned to step away.
'Twas fate that drew me hitherto
And led me down that way

Yet fate is cruel, and mocks me now,
She knows that I must flee.
To tease me so, then not allow;
I know you must agree.

Though still I know not all is lost,
The nature of these flow'rs
Preserves their beauty, at a cost
Avails them at all hours.

And so I hope the day may rise,
My harried pace may slow.
Then will I relish each a prize
And linger there below.

© 2010 (27 october) john r. chase

...okay, you'll never figure this one out; so basically i was browsing yourmusic.com, and was overwhelmed by the selection of baroque vocal music, and thought that i will never have enough time to slowly sift through it all--sigh...