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When you say you're pleased,
    everything else fades away,
  And I can see that truly
   nothing else matters.

When you call me your own,
    it makes me think I can make it,
  that despite all the beatings
   and the deep wounds inflicted
    something beautiful will emerge.

When you say I'm okay,
    I sob uncontrollably
  because for so long I was told
   and believed that I'm not.

When you say it's not my fault,
    it lifts the weight of the world
  up off my shoulders,
   and helps me begin the journey I must
    to start over.

When you say you love me,
    I say - turn your eyes from me
  because your love is too intense
   for me to bear all at once.

When you say I must die,
    I know there is nothing more
  I would rather do,
   and I want to do all I can
    to speed your work.

When you say nothing's changed,
    that you're still sending me,
  I am again reduced to tears
   and confess to you that I am yours.

When I close my eyes,
    I hear only your voice,
  and the terror and confusion
   of all the others
    is simply no longer there.

When I sing you a song.
    I get lost in your eyes,
  and the beating of your heart
   is all I hear.

When I learn to let go
    regardless of how I feel,
  I find that instead of falling
   I'm flying
    because it was done in faith, not pride.

When I'm alone with you,
    I want time to stand still,
  and you answer me again -
   one day it will.

When I say I love you,
    I feel the lack of depth
  brought by my silly language,
   and desire more than anything
    to be able to express it for real.

When I find myself tumbling
    in familiar surroundings,
  you stop me from spinning,
   and say it was all for me.

When I feel I'd be better dead,
    you remind me of all these things,
  and in your patient love
   tell me to not give up
    because you never will.

© 2001 (23 may) john r. chase

...i believe, so that i might understand...