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where I live

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this is where I live
here next to you
and the warmth of your skin
there's nothing like it on earth

all my thoughts return here
the dark room
the blue-white glow
an eternity passes

all that I do
when the sun lights the sky
is autonomic
and only a means to an end

millions of novels
and I've been reading
the same sentence over and over
like a dog chasing his tail

the numbers increase
the rich get richer
the great machine churns on
just outside our window

and I'm there with you
forever and always
time stands still
and is gone in a blink

life is a lie
we keep telling ourselves
but deep inside
we don't believe it

now and again
my thoughts take that journey
and it causes me to convulse
and give out a little scream

these decades have gone by now
and worn down the runner in me
but I still want to run
so fast, so far away

but there is nowhere to run
nowhere to be free from the perversion
someone slipped in the tinted lense
there's no corner of the globe that's not tainted

having seen the other side
knowing how it looks when all's set right
it's very difficult to remain here
swimming in the cesspool

but remain I will
if not to have one more day
here with you
where I live

© 2008 (13 october) john r. chase

...there seems to be a pattern emerging...