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they're true

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it's nothing I did
   it's nothing you said
it doesn't make sense
   it wasn't my plan
i can't understand it
   i won't even try
it's out of control
   it's out of my hands

the gears and the wheels
   are turning inside
an elegant motion
   beyond my design
the master creator
   connecting the dots
a grand demonstration
   of purpose and rhyme

here in the wonder
   and beauty and peace
i find that i'm breathless
   and lost in your eyes
for all that you are
   is touching me deep
and everything you
   is everything me

so won't you draw closer
   climb under my skin
then let me caress you
   and give you my heart
i'll tell you the things
   that lurk deep inside
and together we'll travel
   on a road with no end

© 2001 (29 november) john r. chase

remember all the things i said about faith. . . they're true!