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the weight that some must carry

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the weight that some must carry...

there's no diagnosis of cancer
no unexpected death
no sighs of "so young..."
there's been no layoff from the factory
no foreclosure, no homelessness
no stock market crash
no fraudulent and malevolent lawsuit
there's been no break-in
no mugging, no rape
no captivity into sexual slavery
no forced labor
the river hasn't flooded its banks
the tornado hasn't scattered possessions
the hillside is still intact
all the trees are still standing
there's been no car accident
no paralyzing injury
no child suicide
no teenage pregnancy
there's no revelation of secret sin
no reputation destroyed
no divorce, no scandal
there's food in the cupboard
a healthy glow in the eyes
family, friends, hope
every need supplied

so why is my nose tingling
while my chest flutters
as I restrain tears
why do I find myself in the shadows (meaninglessness, frustration)
while others bask in the glow of the sun (following hard after you)

© 2008 (15 april) john r. chase

...why, indeed...